Meet the Gabelli School Team

Opening the Gabelli School doors to 4,500 students each year, continually upgrading its facilities to ensure them access to the very latest business tools and resources, and delivering curricula that mirror the trends and demands of industry requires the expertise of a dedicated team of administrators, faculty, and staff.

This new column takes a behind-the-scenes look at the people who are the Gabelli School. Every day, they are making invaluable contributions to the future of business education at Fordham University.

The leadership team featured in this issue has the special responsibility of driving the school’s strategy and guiding academic programs, faculty research, fundraising, operations, technology, career development, and global connections.

Headshot of Francis Petit

Francis Petit, EdD

Associate Dean for Global Initiatives and Partnerships and Director of the Executive MBA Program

Joined Fordham in 2002

“Throughout my ‘Gabelli journey,’ I have led our Executive MBA Program and have worked with our dynamic stakeholders to formulate and execute the school’s international strategy. While we have witnessed unprecedented momentum, we still continue to be an institution with a soul. The spirit that resonates from our students, alumni, faculty, administration, and staff always makes us proud as there is a realization that business is much more than the bottom line.”

Headshot of Greer Jason-DiBartolo

Greer Jason-DiBartolo, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Administration and Adjunct Instructor for Leading People and Organizations

Joined Fordham in 2000

“Remaining deeply committed to Fordham’s values and Jesuit pedagogy, I am devoted to the school’s mission to deliver a rigorous, industry relevant, globally oriented, and socially conscious academic experience. I work with the Academic Administration team to ensure excellence through undergraduate curriculum management, graduate admissions, online MS programs, accreditation maintenance, and data analytics. Recently, undergraduate core courses were revised to reflect the school’s ESG and DEI priorities; several master’s programs were updated to ensure industry relevancy; accreditation preparation has been enhanced to heighten faculty visibility; and our graduate admissions approach pivoted to reflect the transition to virtual recruiting.”

Headshot of Beth Moore

Beth Moore

Senior Director of Operations

Joined Fordham in 2018

“The strength of the Gabelli School community inspires me to expand its visibility and reputation beyond our walls by developing a long-term rankings strategy and elevating our key drivers: research, job-placement outcomes, and industry connectivity. My efforts are enhanced daily by my dedicated, mission-driven colleagues who provide thoughtful insights into our collaborative goals.”

Headshot of Kim Lewis-Collins

Kim Lewis-Collins

Director, Career Development Center

Joined Fordham in 2016
“My hope for the Gabelli School is that we continue to grow as an inclusive community preparing business leaders who are willing to take responsibility for people, society, and stewardship of natural resources—which must be of equal importance to profitable growth and the creation of wealth.”
Headshot of Rose McSween

Rose McSween, PhD

Executive Director of Development & Centennial Campaign Manager

Joined Fordham in 2012
“My role specifically relates to fundraising and the engagement of Gabelli School stakeholders globally. I hope that our entire community—alumni, parents, faculty, corporate partners, etc.—joins us in participating in our Centennial Campaign so that we can significantly exceed our goal of $75 million and position ourselves with the intellectual, social, and financial capital to fulfill the school’s vision and mission.”
Headshot of Jeffrey Haynes

Jeffrey Haynes

Director of Information Technology
Joined Fordham in 2003
“Since I joined the Gabelli School, we have grown from two floors in Faber Hall to entire buildings across the campuses, implementing advanced technologies in our classrooms along the way. Our state-of-the-art Bloomberg trading rooms highlight our commitment to offering industry-relevant platforms to our students and faculty. The Gabelli School’s dedication to global experiences grew immensely and informed the technology strategy to bridge New York and Fordham London during its renovation. Donna challenges her leadership team to forecast ‘What’s next in business education?’ It is a challenge that personally motivates me every day.”
Headshot of Elizabeth Cosenza

Elizabeth Cosenza, JD

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Law and Ethics
Joined Fordham in 2004
“In my new role as associate dean of undergraduate studies, my priority is to continue the Gabelli School’s tradition of delivering an outstanding curricular and pedagogical experience for undergraduate business students. Each year, I attend the Fordham Founders Dinner where the University community celebrates student scholarship recipients. As an alumna, faculty member, and administrator, I am deeply heartened by the commitment of the entire Fordham community to provide all of our students with an education steeped in ethics and rooted in the Ignatian values of self-discovery and discernment. I look forward to continuing to contribute to our students’ journey of exploration during their four years with us and beyond.”
Headshot of Nemmara “N.K.” Chidambaran

Nemmara “N.K.” Chidambaran, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics
Joined Fordham in 2008

“Advancing academically rigorous and managerially relevant scholarly research among the faculty is my top priority as the new associate dean of research and faculty development. In this role, I support faculty in accessing the latest research tools and other resources, increasing opportunities to participate in global conferences, and expanding academic scholarship. Two areas of focus for our research are the environmental and social impact of business and their governance (ESG), and another is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) issues as they affect businesses and markets.”

Headshot of Barbara Porco

Barbara Porco, PhD

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Clinical Professor of Accounting

Joined Fordham in 1988
“As the new associate dean of graduate studies, I plan to collaborate with colleagues to expand the School’s graduate offering by integrating environmental and social elements throughout programs and course offerings. Students are more aware of the scarcity of our resources and the impacts corporations have on our societies; I want our students to understand all the dimensions of sustainability to best enable them to become responsible business leaders of the future.”
Headshot of Lerzan Aksoy

Lerzan Aksoy, PhD

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Marketing

Joined Fordham in 2008

“Industry connectivity and responsible business are at the heart of Gabelli School’s mission. In my role, I will work on growing our portfolio of corporate partnerships, bringing our faculty and students new opportunities to work on real-world problems. This includes building out the Responsible Business Coalition (RBC), a pioneering network of executives and educators, including 47 CEOs across 200 brands globally to collectively improve the ESG impact of industries. These strategic initiatives will strengthen the visibility and reputation of the Gabelli School as the flagship institution for responsible business strategy and education.”