Elizabeth “Libby” Vernon, BS ’22

Portrait photograph headshot of Elizabeth "Libby" Vernon, BS' 22 smiling in a red blouse top that has white small custom flower shape patterns all over as she holds a National Football League shaped game-day ball (foreground) while in the background behind her is a zoomed in wall picture perspective of the Arizona Cardinals stadium field area
Photo by Caitlyn Epes

Faith, Family, and Football

For the 115 million viewers of the 2023 Super Bowl, it was a day to kick back with friends, grab some snacks, and watch the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Philadelphia Eagles. For Elizabeth “Libby” Vernon, BS ’22, it was one of the busiest and most memorable days of her career.

State Farm Stadium, which hosted the event, is home to the Arizona Cardinals and also is Vernon’s workplace, where she serves as the team’s premium services coordinator. In this role, she ensures that Stadium Club members enjoy game day, dining, and shopping opportunities through the season, and take advantage of off-season events, such as attending training camp.

On the day of the 2023 Super Bowl, Vernon assisted several high-profile guests, including NFL team owners, politicians, and celebrities, as well as two special guests of her own—her father and brother, who traveled 2,000 miles to share this exciting moment in her career and in the sport that has bonded their family as far back as she can remember.

“It was full circle because my dad instilled my love of the game,” she said, adding that he and her brother both played football in high school. “It was a memory that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Vernon, who earned a B.S. in Management from the Gabelli School, credits her education for honing the skills that are essential to managing events, projects, and people—which all played out during this sports mega event.

I felt so fulfilled in my calling because I was marrying two things I love—sports and business.”

She landed the job with the Cardinals in 2022, moved to Arizona, and has been fully immersed in the industry she dreamed of working in during her college years. “I felt so fulfilled in my calling because I was marrying two things I love—sports and business,” Vernon said.

The oldest of six siblings, Vernon grew up in Mercer County, NJ, and spent many weekends at the football field with her family, cheering her brother and his teammates on from the sidelines. She continued this tradition at Fordham, where she attended every Ram’s game—rain or shine, hosted tours for prospective Rams, and ultimately served as the manager for the Division-I team.

Vernon uses the knowledge and skills she gained at the Gabelli School in her role today. In addition to the business and sports management courses she completed, she also studied abroad at Fordham University London and gained valuable work experience through three internships, including one in wealth management at UBS.

Recently, she continued her education, earning a certificate in youth ministry from the University of Notre Dame. Faith always has been a steady pillar in Vernon’s life, and she hopes to someday combine her passions for faith and sports to inspire younger generations.

“It is such a powerful testimony when someone in the sports industry uses their platform for good and for the greater glory of God,” she said. “Sports is the greatest means of bringing everybody from all ages, demographics, and ways of life into one arena, one stadium, under one roof.”